Purple Squirrel Games

Two Sold On The First Day!

Wow, that happened fast! Two of the three boards sold on the very first day we became visible. As soon as we get back home (sadly, that is Sunday) we will need to pack and ship more units to Amazon inventory. I think we will put in at least 9 ...

First Try At Amazon Promotion

In the last post I mentioned that our Mancala board is not visible in the search results when you search for "mancala." Simply put, we are invisible on Amazon.com.

I strongly suspect this has to do with their ranking algorithm sorting not just on content, but also on the ...

Followup On Amazon FBA

The first three units showed as available inventory the next day: Friday the 25th.

Sort of.

The three listings that were associated with it were not correct in some way that is, to be blunt, fairly non-obvious. But, after much tweaking of settings and letting the changes trickle through the ...

First Units Arrived at Amazon FBA

After much packaging, labeling, and "arranging things," the first 3 units of the mancala board were shipped to Amazon for general sale on Monday. According to UPS package tracking, they just arrived at the Chester, VA warehouse (aka "RIC2," apparently). It will be intersting to see how long it takes ...

Starting Purple Squirrel Games

Purple Squirrel Games is two things:

  1. A place where new ideas, designs, and games are tried out.
  2. A demonstrator company for Maker Redux Corporation.

The first part is pretty straightforward. I (John Dupuy) love to try out new things, experiment, and generally do research and troubleshooting.

My background is in ...

Starting With An Idea (video 1)

The first video posted about making a Mancala Board:


NOTE: The name/company 'Purple Squirrel Games' wasn't even conceived of back then. That came later.