The unique boards are now going to Etsy

The beautiful board problem

Almost all of the boards I apply wax to look great. It helps that I inspect every raw board carefully before I start any finishing.

But sometimes I come across a piece that is uniquely beautiful because of the nature of the wood itself. Perhaps it has a strong burl, a wavy pattern found near knots. Or perhaps it has unique spalting pattern, which are dark lines from aged wood. Or maybe it has an outright knot or wavy surfacing that is difficult to really remove by sanding, but actually gives the wood an interesting look.

I'd love to sell these even-prettier-than-normal boards, but I couldn't for one simply reason: unless the person receiving it is a woodworker or a person who appreciates these things; they would likely return it as flawed. The public sees the generic picture on the web site and expects a generic board that mostly matches.

That is the irony. The best boards are also the boards most likely to be complained about.

A possible solution: selling them individually on Etsy

By selling the boards on Etsy, I can give each board unique photos and it's own listing. That way, the customer can decide for themselves if they want the board on a case-by-case basis.

Screenshot of Etsy Page
Screenshot of Etsy with an ad for one of my boards.

Will this work? I don't know yet. I just got the shop up and listed two boards. It will be interesting to see what reaction I get.

Feel free to visit the Purple Squirrel Etsy Store to see the latest entries.

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