First Try at Amazon Promotion

In the last post I mentioned that our Mancala board is not visible in the search results when you search for "mancala." Simply put, we are invisible on

I strongly suspect this has to do with their ranking algorithm sorting not just on content, but also on the history of feedback and sales. This is a new listing: there is no history.

One quick fix is, of course, to purchase promotion from Ideally, this would be a short-term fix to get those first few sales. Plus, I've never done an Ad before on Sounds like a good time to learn. :)

So, I just now created a 'campaign' with the following settings:

My First Amazon Campaign

My 'bid' rate is $0.50.

It's not a lot of money I'm offering. I'm simply experimenting right now.

Within 10 minutes, I was getting this on a search for 'mancala':

And There Is The Ad

It is nice and visible in the lower right corner. Let's see what happens.

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