Starting Tic Tac Toe Project


After some success with the Mancala Board project; I've decided to branch out and try something different: a Tic Tac Toe App.

Unlike the Mancala App, I'm going to be documenting it. All of it. From the first brainstorming stages, to the very last edit and upload to the online stores.

Because I know that covers a lot of time, I'll be editing it down as much as possible. I'll also be assuming the viewers know basic programming already.

The basic source code will be put up on GitHub as a free project. It will have everything but the artwork. I'm not giving everything up. :)

I'll also be following Prof. Betty S. Flowers methodology for writing books. It involves four different stages/roles of writing: Madman, Architect, Carpenter, and Judge. Writing a game is not exactly the same as writing a book, but I strongly suspect the concepts still apply. I'll learn one way or another!

More detail:

It will be very interesting. To me at least. Perhaps to you also.

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