Starting Purple Squirrel Games

Purple Squirrel Games is two things:

  1. A place where new ideas, designs, and games are tried out.
  2. A demonstrator company for Maker Redux Corporation.

The first part is pretty straightforward. I (John Dupuy) love to try out new things, experiment, and generally do research and troubleshooting.

My background is in network engineering and computer programming, so I tend to lean toward those subjects. But I have other interests as well, such as woodworking, media production, legal interpretation (esp. regulatory), mathematics, writing, and puzzles.

The second part needs a bit of explanation though. My primary project right now is a startup called [|Maker Redux Corporation]. That company helps make it easier for designers and inventors to get their ideas from the back-of-napkin stage to full production and retail sales.

In theory.

But, in practice, it's never been tried before. So, to actually push the Maker Redux system to real-world usage, I've created Purple Squirrel Games as a "test case".

And, because it is a test case, I'm going to be publicly releasing far more information than is normal for a company. I want to you see it all. Critique it. Comment on it. Examine it. For example, this week I'm getting final quotes on production of the cardboard box the unit will be packaged in. You will see those quotes and all the other details.

So, expect to see a lot of really specific details being published on both Maker Redux and this web site.

One could, conceivably, duplicate Purple Squirrel Games with that much detail. I suppose I'd be flattered if you did.

Anyway, my first product: a high-end walnut Mancala game board. And a Android/IOS mobile game that will promote the sale of the physical board.

Details are coming!

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